Turn your love of cooking into your freedom plan by becoming a private chef.

You’re ready to make a giant change in your life – one that represents who you’ve become and where you want to be. You’re craving financial abundance, creative freedom, a healthier lifestyle, less stress, more free time, and a way to monetize your strengths. The world of Private Cheffing offers all of these comforts!


Learn the services best aligned with your personality to
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Before PFP, I knew I needed something different and that my life and values no longer aligned with that of the grind culture that professional cooking can be. Low wages, long hours, toxic behavior. It didn’t appeal to me. My life has changed exponentially since I decided to sign up for Prepped for Profit. Not only have I gained the tools I need to successfully run my meal prep business, I have unlocked a new found confidence that is necessary to being my own boss, and take control of my path Read More

Anna Warnalis Mountain Crow Kitchen LLC

To put it simply, we would not have our business without the help of Tiffany Thomas. As a highly experienced private chef, Tiffany has reinvented her own business three separate times in three separate states. She knows all of the challenges you will face, from legal hoops to jump through, to setting up your website, to acquiring and dealing with clients. Tiffany’s proven track record for her own business serves as a tried and true model for the success of her coaching clients She often says, “don’t repeat my mistakes Read More

Harry & Kristin Mills Elemental Meals, LLC

Engaging Tiffany as a private chef coach was one of the best investments in myself that I have ever made. I was struggling to reinvent myself professionally and knew that being an employee was no longer an option for me. While I had plenty of good professional experience in healthy, natural foods cooking, the world of private cheffing seemed like a hip insiders club to which I had no access…. I had so many questions and concerns about the professional standards and legal Read More

Tonita Abeyta The Farmacy Chef

Tiffany actually showed me that I was truly investing in myself and in my future. She helped me discover my niche while aligning it with my purpose. Tiffany put this whole model together that is so seamless I would have been doing research forever if I didn’t have her as my business coach. With her guidance I launched my private holistic meal prep service! Read More

Chef Karla Salazar Karla Victoria Wellness

Tiffany has helped me discover my own unique niche, creativity, value, and passions. She has grown my healthy chef services into a profitable business in a short period of time. She also showed me how to create, navigate, and organize legal protection, tech, and client relations. Chefs don’t know any of that! Read More

Alisha Auringer Elemental Meals, LLC


Prepped For Profit® Blueprint

In as little as 8 weeks, you’ll have everything you need to begin an abundant new life as a private chef.

Get 1-on-1 Coaching

Get personalized coaching from an industry expert invested in your growth.

Learn the Essentials

Implement the fundamental steps to owning and operating a profitable private chef business.

Find Your Purpose

Discover the Why behind your Why for the longevity of your business.

Use the Templates

Done-for-you business plan, menus, cringe-free sales scripts, client-relation emails, and more.


For established private chef businesses

Grow your existing private chef business with Strategy Sessions utilizing my industry experience and expertise.

Hey Chef! I’m Tiffany. I’ve been where you are – tired, broke, frustrated & feeling lost. You’re worth so much more than that.


You are passionate, talented, and eager to get your food out into the world – all you need is the courage to begin and an action plan to make it happen!

A Successful Private Chef…

…understands that true hospitality enriches the lives of others with memorable meals and compassionate service. A Seasoned Chef balances nature and business through creative nourishment, automated systems, and healthy boundaries. You go above and beyond to meet the unique needs of your clients utilizing the flavors and expertise of your cooking style.

Are you ready to improve lives with your valuable skills? Release the stress and say YES to a well-designed life.

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✅ Options for most dietary templates
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