As a Private Chef Coach, I'm here to end the suffering of chefs trying to make it in a business world that is so different from cooking.

The hard truth: owning a restaurant is expensive, time-consuming, stressful, and rarely successful.

In fact, 75% of new restaurants close within 2 years. Despite this, chefs feel that restaurant ownership is the obvious next step after cooking on the line for years.

I get it. You’re afraid of losing your “Chef cred”.

But the root of a successful Chef in any medium is a solid foundation of hospitality, knowledge, and grace. With a passion for food as your purpose, you can share your gift with the world in ways that enrich your life, and the lives of others.

You’ve probably heard by now: “You should open your own business!”

But you have no idea where to start. Keep reading… this is for you.

I embarked on my own culinary career because making people happy through food has brought me joy since I was little.

It started with pushing a chair up to the counter to roll pasta with my Sicilian grandpa. By age 12, I was cooking family dinner nightly. I’d run home after school to watch the cooking channel, learning all I could.

Eventually, I left our small town to attend culinary school in the city, traveled the world on gastronomical adventures, and marched my way through the brigade of the kitchen for the next 12 years at renowned restaurants such as Lark, Cascina Spinasse, Mistral Kitchen, and Altura.

I wanted people to feel cared for, nourished, spoiled, and content.

After a decade in fine dining, I was sous chef at the best restaurant in the city and had the opportunity to run a restaurant myself.

It didn’t feel right.

I was getting farther away from cooking and more into numbers. I had less guest interaction time but more management behind the scenes. I just wanted to get back to making people happy –  through cooking my food made with love and care.

I knew that being a private chef was the answer, but I had no idea where to begin.

No one was doing what I envisioned and I was overworked, broke, and exhausted from the unsupportive restaurant industry.

I asked myself the same questions you’re probably asking yourself now: 

  • How do I transition?
  • Will I lose my credibility as a ‘real’ Chef?
  • Where do I find clients?
  • Where and how do I fit this into my 50-hour work week?
  • Will I be good at that?
  • I don’t have any savings, so how do I survive financially?

I knew I needed a successful action plan. To pave a road to cook in a way that would feed my passions, help people, crush my goals, and create financial abundance.

It took years of trial and error, determination, practice, patience, boundary setting, and expensive lessons learned…

But I finally found a flow in my business, acquiring and maintaining happy and healthy clients!

I was fully booked, cooking personalized meals for busy professionals who wanted to save time for what’s important – family, work, travel, and leisure.

In my off-time I became double certified in Holistic Nutrition and Transformational Nutrition to combine the knowledge of cooking with the deep understanding of the implementation of bio-individual Nutrition Plans and the Psychology of Eating.

You won’t waste years of your life in the trial-and-error phase, because you’ll have something I didn’t: a mentor and coach to teach you.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have saved years of headaches and thousands of dollars.

I put up with too much, spread myself too thin, and my return on investment was too little. When I finally understood that my natural gifts and motivating purpose was my golden ticket, I was set.

Coming to this realization and being confident to move forward isn’t easy.

You’re here because you need compassionate support, clear direction, and accountability from someone that has been through the same challenges as you.

It doesn’t have to be a constant hustle and you don’t have to do it alone. You CAN have financial and creative freedom in doing what you love by working smarter – not harder!

I want to help you through the challenges of starting a business so you can succeed.

You’re passionate, talented, and eager to get your food out into the world – you just need the courage to begin. I’ll be here for you with encouragement, actionable steps, and accountability. 

I love watching chefs bloom into confident business owners, and offering them organic, simple steps toward their dream life brings me joy.

Through the Prepped for Profit Method, you’ll gain the courage to open your own food business and the confidence to sustain and grow.

You’ll learn how to design your life and your business based on your intuition, purpose, and talents.

Why wouldn’t you monetize what comes naturally to you?

Trust me: there are clients who need exactly what you want to provide to the world.

I’ll show you how to show up energetically, unapologetically, and consistently – based on YOUR goals and needs.

The result can be a Prepped For Profit business fueled by sustained motivation, love for food, and an automated system to acquire and retain happy clients.

Get ready to:

  • Feel confident pricing your services between $50 – 100 per hour, or full-time salary with benefits
  • Have the schedule of your dreams – weekends and nights free? Up to you!
  • Work as little as 20 hours per week
  • Have more disposable income to feel comfortable covering necessary expenses
  • Save money for travel and other leisure activities, further business investments, continued education to increase your expertise and value
  • Build lasting relationships with clients who cannot wait to share your info with friends and family!

Your valuable work will bring ease and relief to your client’s busy lives as they are buying back their priceless time and energy.

I have only one question for you:

After all the work is done, and your business is running…

Are you ready to accept the abundance that flows to you once you’ve committed to diving into your potential?

So what are you waiting for?

In as little as 3 weeks you could be cooking for new clients.

Click below to schedule your free 25-minute Discovery Call to learn how my valuable strategies can help you streamline a path to monetizing your passions. Your dream life is just waiting for your permission to be explored.

If you don’t jump on that Prepped For Profit niche, someone else will.

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