How To Stand Out In A Saturated Industry

Be the obvious solution to your ideal client’s #1 problem.

Here in LA, you can’t throw an heirloom tomato in a farmer’s market without hitting a self-proclaimed Chef. Vegan chefs, gluten-free chefs, raw foods chefs, Keto chefs, yoga chefs, spiritual chefs, Ayurvedic chefs, paleo chefs, Whole 30 chefs, I could go on. We exist in numbers because of a new demand driven by the latest food trend: health. The demand for healthier food options stems not only from the public’s craving, but also from chefs who want to work in a more supportive environment while doing what they love.

Enter: Personalized Private Cheffing.

With so many of us trying to get a slice of the pie, how do we stand out in a sea of qualified chefs? Uniqueness and Expertise.

In this post, you will learn 3 Ways to Stand Out in a Saturated Private Chef World. Will you create a niche that will tackle all 3?

  1. Be the Only

  2. Be the First

  3. Be the Best

People are waking up to the fact that what they put in your mouth matters.

And they’re looking for an expert to make it for them. But if all these people need chefs, why isn’t your phone ringing? You might be saying to yourself, but I’m right here! If people are looking for healthy chefs, why aren’t I getting any inquiries? Why can’t I land a client? What is my major malfunction? 

Clients are suffering from decision fatigue because you are not specific enough in communicating your niche and expertise.

I see it in my inbox daily: an email from a prospective client looking for a ‘healthy chef’. Hungry and busy clients are looking for experienced cooks who can solve their ‘unique’ problem of the lack of time and energy to make nutritious food for their families every single day. The first thing I ask these potential clients is, “What are your specific dietary and lifestyle needs, restrictions, or goals?” Then I match them up with a chef that will solve their problem.

And if you don’t have the obvious solution to their unique problem, someone else will.

3 Ways to Stand Out in a Saturated Private Chef Industry:


Be the only solution to your ideal client’s #1 problem.

This will require you to become an expert at something (more about this in #2 and #3) because – as annoying as the saying is – the riches are in the niches. A niche is a specific area with a service that targets a specific demographic through effective marketing.

So how specific should you get? Niche down so far that it makes you uncomfortable. THAT makes you stand out. Imagine your niche is something like, “Healthy Foods Chef in Charleston.” YAWN. Pass. There is no emotional connection to make your ideal client choose you in a split second without doubt as there are literally thousands of other chefs boasting the same mission.

You COULD have this broad niche and reach everyone, but you may be missing the opportunity to be driven by your purpose.

Your niche should cover these essential 4 details:

  1. What or who you are (service or expert status)

  2.  Who you serve (ideal client)

  3. The unique problem you are solving for your ideal client (their main pain point)

  4. The outcome your services will provide only by working with you.

Now, imagine if you would, being the only chef in Charleston who
“creates balanced vegan meals for new moms over 40 who want to breastfeed like a boss.” Yeah. Niche THAT far down.

 More examples:

  • Instead of “raw foods chef”, how about:
    “100% raw and seasonal meals for professional athletes who want to use the power of nature to take their game to the next level.”

  • Instead of, “gluten-free chef”, how about:
    “Certified gluten-free private chef services for families with celiac disease so you can trust what you’re eating again.”

  • Instead of “sourdough baking classes”, how about:
    Traditional sourdough bread baking classes using organic sprouted wheat grown by local indigenous farmers.

See how specific those are to elicit feeling? Now get out a pen and paper and start brain-dumping.


What is your favorite part about your job and how can you become famous for it?

This can seem obvious but if you put 100% of your energy into 10 things, you’ll only get ahead 10%. Become an expert at one or two things and your services will flourish. Your food will be unparalleled in quality and taste because you have invested time and energy into learning how to prepare it well. 

Perhaps your expertise is in a certain cuisine or methodology that you’re passionate about at the time. YES, this can change as you grow. You could perfect the art of pasta, fermented foods, regional Mexican cuisine, or zero-waste meal prep. Be known for your raw cakes, smoked meats, or carrying on the tradition of classic Greek cookery. All of these would be a highlight to your specific niche.

Find your ‘thing’ and be so good at it they don’t want it from anyone else.

For me? I am obsessed with seasoning perfectly and I retain clients solely based on the flavor of my food. Your clients couldn’t care less what your food looks like if your food doesn’t taste amazing.

In a recent review, one of my long-term client’s shared they rarely dine out anymore as the flavor and freshness of the restaurant’s food doesn’t compare to mine.


What have you done or could you do that hasn’t been done before?

You have a unicorn of a brand just waiting in your work experience, stories, healed traumas, and family background. You could be the first in your city or state for numerous reasons including the combination of your education and niche.

Find your inspirational combination and slap it in your bio:

  1. Where you grew up +

  2. Your ethnic background +

  3. Your experience +

  4. Your personality +

  5. Your expertise!

No one else has your valuable experience mixed with your
personality, vision, and style. NO ONE. 

Tiffany Thomas was the first fine-dining restaurant chef in Seattle to become a certified holistic nutritionist (CTNC) and offer in-home meal-prep with menus tailored to the client’s individual nutritional needs. She specializes in the naturally nutrient-dense cuisines of the Middle East to bring the flavor and wonder of her roots to her client’s home. Chef Tiffany creates personalized healthy meal-prep for busy professionals who want to save time and money for what’s most important.

This allowed me to stand out in a sea of generic chefs creating the same age-old menus with crab cakes and mashed potatoes for everyone, claiming they were educated in healthy food.

I hope you now have the tools and courage to monetize your uniqueness!

Need some encouragement on marketing your natural talents? Schedule your free 25-minute Discovery Call today.

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